Think Happy Thoughts


I love when small things can overwhelm you with happiness. The kind of happiness that makes you talk in a high pitched squeaky voice, “OhmyGodIloveit!”–like these peonies my friend gave me from her yard in my jadeite vase. Peonies smell amazing and for days I smiled when ever I saw these.


Seattle is pretty coffee crazy. I hear some obnoxious over-the-top coffee orders on a regular basis. A slightly wet cappuccino…really?!  Latte art is typical and some baristas are quite talented at this.  The Moore Coffee Shop puts a smile on your face with its non hipster cartoonish latte art.  There’s a dog smiling in my coffee!


I spy something orange. Look there, right there in the middle of my photo….a little to the left….see the orange giraffes? When I lived in West Seattle, everyday on my drive home from work the orange “giraffes” that line the shipping yards would point me home to West Seattle. Want to get this bird’s eye view of all of Seattle? Head up the Columbia Tower, Seattle’s tallest building, to the 73rd floor Sky View Observatory. This 360 degree panoramic view is stunning and on a clear day you can see the Cascade Mountains, the Olympics, and Mount Rainier.


Bourbon makes me happy lately. (Not in a I drink bourbon alone in a dark room to be happy way.) An old fashioned is my favorite drink to savor on a night out with friends. The chunky ice cubes at The Gerald in Ballard make this the best old fashioned in Seattle. Actually, The Gerald produces some of the best cocktails in Seattle.

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