Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream Muffins!

I didn’t need to read the full recipe. The title alone is enough. Ice cream muffins? Ice cream muffins!! Wha? Yes!! Where have you been ice cream muffins? Hiding in an old Atlanta Junior League cookbook I recently picked up, that’s where.


This idea is so fun and surprising you’ll want to make it no matter how difficult the recipe. Lo and behold, the recipe is the easiest thing I’ve made in years!

Two ingredients.


Ice cream + self rising flour =muffins.  See, I no lie:



Thanks Miss Virginia Carswell of Atlanta.

Pick out your chosen ice cream. Since there’s only two ingredients, I opted to get the good stuff–Haagen Dazs. Let it soften up, not too soupy, but somewhat soupy. I may have sampled a taste…Yep, this will work nicely.


Self rising flour is more of a staple in the south. I’ve never used it before. Apparently it is  flour that has baking soda and salt evenly distributed throughout.  You could make your own, but come on, then you lose that appeal of two ingredient muffins!

Mix together equal ratios of your somewhat soupy ice cream and flour. Here’s how my dough looked:


The 1:1 ratio in this recipe makes a smaller batch of muffins–about 8 small muffins. I suggest making more! Maybe 1.5:1.5 cups to get you a nice dozen. In my preheated 425 degree oven, it actually took about 20 minutes to lightly brown the muffins…just keep a close eye on them. Burnt ice cream muffins would be sad.


I tried some dulce de leche on mine. Nom! Pretty darn good. I can’t wait to try more ice cream flavors!




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