Craveable Tofu!?

Is it strange to crave tofu? Well recently, I’ve had tofu on the brain. This has to be my favorite preparation of tofu.


Not long after I moved to Seattle I discovered a version of this dish at Black Bottle Gastrotavern. I’ve tried many variations of crispy tofu. Frying it myself produced more soggy than crispy results. You can even buy prepackaged fried tofu in many Asian grocery stores…ehhh OK…but doesn’t seem fresh enough. When I came across this idea to bake the tofu that promised crispy pieces with creamy insides, I was forced to try the recipe as soon as possible. A quick search for a peanut sauce…voilĂ …ginger peanut sauce recipe from the New York Times. Side note: Do make the marinade suggested for the tofu! Worth the extra step.


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