Pacific Galleries Antique Mall

Guys! Guys! I’m stopping the presses on some of my other post ideas: I recently discovered the Pacific Galleries Antique Mall and my socks were knocked off. This is a must do shopping experience in Seattle…who knew?! Not even many Seattleites are in the know about this one.  I was fed up with my previous antique mall in Seattle, who shall not be named, and sought out a bigger better experience. Bingo Bango! 30,000 square feet of antique shopping! I poured over hundreds of carefully curated booths for over 2.5 hours.  I had to leave only because I was getting parched and my guy, SeattleFlyerGuy, was starting to zone out.  We didn’t leave empty handed. We scored the complete 8 glass set of Seattle World’s Fair Glasses (like these) for the astonishing low price of $75 bucks or so…I have been coveting these for years. It was a post holiday sale throughout the entire Antique Mall!




I also was wandering the mall keeping my eyes peeled for some of my antique loves: jadeite or fire king oven ware, antique tv trays, mid-century furniture and home accessories, and anything cow related of course.  Pacific Galleries is a great place to go furniture shopping, gift shopping, or just kill a few hours.  And pricing seems to be more reasonable for most items compared to “Antique Mall Who Shall Not Be Named.” Bonus: no creepy guy who sits at the desk and whistles along to every song on the world’s worst ipod playlist.  Definitely worth checking out this place if you’re from out of town and love treasure hunting!


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