Christmas at Pike Place Market

Everyone has holiday traditions. Mine are somewhat lacking. Except this year I’ve discovered that I’m in love with The Market at Christmas! I’m obsessed with the Market already. I would practically go down there every weekend and still let out a little squeal if asked to go. The last couple years when I think of the best memories of Christmas I think of The Market. This year we tried to do most of our Christmas shopping there. Tonight, I’m making roast beast, potatoes, and green beans for dinner–all bought from the Market. I’m even writing this post sipping on some gluhwein (mulled wine) from Bavarian Meats. I’m liking our new Christmas tradition.


You’ll never encounter a Grinch at The Market.


You’ll see that pigs really do know how to fly at Christmas in the Market!


Merry Christmas from Fussy Cow!






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