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get-attachment.aspx I have yet to tire of visiting Pike Place Market even after 5 years in Seattle. And I continually discover something new every time I visit the market. As summer was drawing to a close we were hanging on to every vivid sunset along the sound and visiting the market regularly to enjoy them. So we found ourselves regularly at Rachel’s Ginger Beer. In addition to their original ginger beer, RGB offers unique flavors such as apricot, white peach, blood orange, and more. They are happy to let you sample all of the flavors. Choose your favorite and then choose your liquor (vodka or dark rum) to make a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy.




Radiator Whiskey will satisfy your hunger after a Dark and Stormy. Try the braised beef brisket with horseradish cream. Radiator Whiskey is a great dining addition to the market’s lacking evening scene.




If you’re looking for something lighter, Ellenos greek yogurt stand has an assortment of flavors of sweetened greek yogurt. My favorites are the marionberry and of course the passionfruit! Grab a cup to go and stroll around admiring all the Market has to offer.






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