Summertime Sadness



Summer is over. I’ve been a bad fussy cow. Whoops. I have been keeping up with photog’ing…and eating though. As we transition into fall and the rainy grayness that will be the next several months, I’m consoling myself with a few key things: noodle soups (yes, a post will come), cozy socks, and cake. ¬†Seattle has a cake shop that seems to make things better. ¬†A Piece of Cake in the International District can transform my mood. The numerous cakes, many with an Asian flavor profile, are light and moist and never cloyingly sweet.


I recently heard about The Depressed Cake Shop, a pop-up event that sells gray colored baked goods to benefit mental health awareness. I love this idea. However, I can’t help think that A Piece of Cake-bright and enticing-has caught on to something about simple joys in life. Staring wide-eyed at the green tea and mango cakes lined up in the glass I’m not thinking about the grayness outside.


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