What’s On My Mind

I can’t stop thinking about something tasty I ate the other week, something tasty from Tasty n Sons in Portland, Oregon. We drove down to make our first visit to Cannon Beach. We jumped in the waves and flung ourselves happily on our towels to bake in the 80+ degree sun. The next morning we paid our dues in line for brunch (yes, another Portlandia truth). But man, was it worth it! The sweet biscuits with fresh berries and whipped cream were the perfect summer treat. I usually think of this type of dish as a dessert like a strawberry shortcake but I never thought of having it for breakfast or brunch! The biscuits were just sweet and light enough as to not leave you feeling like you had a heavy or rich dish for the morning. ┬áBut of course we followed up the biscuits we some substantial entrees of polenta with sausage ragu and steak and eggs.






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