A Top Seattle Sandwich…veggies only!

Seattle has some standout sandwiches for meat-lovers, the top tier of these being the Cuban Roast at Paseo and any of the tasty creations made at Salumi.  I’d like to enter my favorite veggie sandwich into the category of crave worthy sandwiches in the Emerald City. It can be found at one of the best bakeries in Seattle and the country, Bakery Nouveau. Bakery Nouveau excels at pastries and desserts and this sandwich could easily be overlooked by the rows of beautiful creations. It’s also hard not to get side tracked by their freshly made pizzas being off loaded onto trays right at nose level. Focus, the veggie sandwich will give you everything you need: french bread, herbed cream cheese, provolone, kalamata olives, and lightly pickled carrots and cucumbers. Sounds like I’m missing a few ingredients if this sandwich is supposed to go head to head with Paseo’s. Sure you could throw on tomatoes, onions, sprouts, etc…but this sandwich is great in its simplicity. It’s like a bagel with lox and cream cheese. It doesn’t need the works. But it doesn’t hurt to end your meal with something from the dessert counter.


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